White Birch Music Festival is proud to be planning its second year!

WBMF's long term goals include establishing, promoting and growing within the community of Stanton, MI and greater Montcalm County to create positive, sustainable and community driven opportunities. There are not many opportunities in the area to experience the arts, and we want to help change that. 

WBMF promotes a volunteer spirit and a family first approach. The festival location and surrounding neighbors and community deserve the opportunity to take part in something that will bring them together for years to come! The festival experience includes more than just the music. Join us and get the opportunity to take part in a variety of workshops, take your kids to activities at the Kids Tent and catch a "KIDertainer" - musicians playing sets specifically directed toward kids, fire troupe and hoop performances, meeting new friends and much more!

White Birch Music Festival              Stanton, MI             May 17,18,19  2019

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